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Address:Building 7, Industry Incubation Building, No. 277, Zhongfei Avenue, Zhengpu Port New Zone, Ma'anshan , Anhui Province

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About Us

Geneyan Biotech Corporation was established in the modern industrial park of Zhengpu Port New District in Ma'anshan. We focuse on developing and manufacturing biological small molecules and pharmaceutical intermediates . Our products mainly include DNA phosphoramidite, RNA phosphoramidite, special modified phosphoramidite, and we provide custom synthesis products including serials of nucleoside , nucleotide and their derivatives. Our products are widely used in the R&D of new drugs ,biosynthesis, gene sequencing, diagnostic reagent production, medical testing, and other professional departments.

Geneyan has cooperated with some pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies based on the best quality products at competitive price, we continue to develop new products in this area of science,and strive to open up the future of the company with innovation.

At Geneyan ,our corporate culture is good faith, high quality, solidarity, energy conservation and environmental protection. Our team is experienced, respects intellectual property, and focuses on optimizing innovation; We have long-term cooperation with some well-qualified third-party testing organizations to provide customers with more satisfactory products.